PAVE (Package for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental data) is a flexible and distributed application to visualize multivariate gridded environmental datasets. Features include (1) baseline graphics with the option to export data to high-end commercial packages, (2) access and manipulation of datasets located on remote machines, (3) support for multiple simultaneous visualizations, (4) an architecture that allows PAVE to be controlled by external processes, (5) low computational overhead, and (6) no software distribution cost.

Visualization renderings are done by a combination of custom-developed X/Motif library calls and several public domain tools. PAVE accesses the following public domain soft- ware as needed: Tcl/Tk, BLT, and PLplot. Tcl/Tk provides a way to easily develop graphical user interfaces. BLT provides graphing capabilities and is built on top of Tcl/Tk. PLplot is a basic scientific plotting package that also uses Tcl/Tk.

From left to right, these are examples of a smoothed tile plot, a 3D mesh plot, a time series line plot, and a time series bar plot.

From left to right, these are examples of a tile plot of a vertical cross section, a wind vector plot, and a scatter plot.

The CMAS website requires login (you can create your own account), but the Sourceforge page contains a link to the the last-released version, 2.3.

arjen - 2018-11-27 07:44:06

Pity this has not been updated since then - the CMAS website does not show it anymore either.