PTWidgets Extension Description

What: PTwidgets
Description: This is a collection of pure Tcl/Tk scripted widgets that implement token-based interface elements. The two currently supported widgets are tokenentry and tokensearch. Token-based widgets allow for text entry of values that are turned into immutable elements that can be moved, inserted, deleted and modified as a single entity (rather than by individual characters as is the case of the entry and text widgets). These interface elements allow for simple user interaction but with powerful entry features.
Currently at version 1.0.
Updated: 11/2011
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

The tokenentry widget allows users to quickly and accurately enter text strings via an entry-styled field. When the comma character or return key is pressed, the currently entered text is automatically transformed into a token element. Multiple tokens can be input into the widget. Each widget can be moved to a new position in the widget (via drag-and-drop), deleted, selected, modified (either by converting the token back to text or by selecting a new value from a list of prescribed values from a drop-down list), copied or cut. If the -listvar option is specified to the widget (containing a list of values), automatic live string matching is performed as the user enters text into the widget that allows for precise value entry. Because this value list can contain sublists, multiple values for each entry can be searched for better matching (i.e., the widget can be used to specify e-mail addresses where each entry in the -listvar list contains the user's name and e-mail address -- value matching can be performed on either value and the e-mail address portion of the list can be used as the token value).