Package Downloads Client

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Also known as the "Package Downloader Client".

Part of the Package Client Toolset .

The Package Downloads Client is not typically invoked directly; instead, it is (optionally) used by the scripts fetched from the Package Repository Server in order to download package files in a secure and orderly manner.

The overall workflow is that the Package Repository Server returns a signed script block that will be responsible for (eventually) providing the requested package. Generally, this will involve use of the "helper" procedures provided by the Package Downloads Client; however, this is not a requirement, i.e. the signed script block returned by the Package Repository Server is free to provide the package (or not) in whatever way it wants.

Here is an example of this usage:

apply [list [list] {
  set fileNames [list]

  lappend fileNames [file join tcllib1.15 aes aes.tcl]
  lappend fileNames [file join tcllib1.15 aes pkgIndex.tcl]

  set options [list \
      -persistent false -usePgp true -useAutoPath true]

  package require Eagle.Package.Downloader

  ::PackageDownloader::downloadFiles tcl 8.4 "" $fileNames $options

An important thing to remember is that all downloaded package metadata and files have their signature(s) checked before being used.

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