Package feature map

JE, Mar 2006 From recent conversations on c.l.t, one thing that would make the GUTTER (or any repository) more useful is a sort of "feature map", so that users who are looking for (say) a notebook widget would be able to find pointers to BWidget, IWidgets, Tix, Tile, BLT, or any other implementation. This page is intended as a collaboratively edited starting point to collect the raw data for such a thing.

JE, Dec 2006 Count this as a failed experiment. Nevermind.

LV Sorry about that - I missed this page previously, and don't have massive amounts of time to spend wikignoming a new concept like this. But I agree - it would be really nice if, perhaps as part of TEAPOT a controlled vocabulary keywords/features/whatever were used so someone could see what packages contain what....