There have been, to date, two announcements called PalmTcl .

 What: PalmTcl / Rivendell
 Where:  ???
 Description: Port of Tcl to PalmOS.
        As of 02/2004, the domain doesn't exist,
        and there are no files under the sourceforge project.
        I suspect that this project is dead.  There is no mention of it
        on John R. Hall's homepage at
 Updated: 02/2004
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (John R. Hall)

 What: Palm Tcl
 Description: Port of most of Tcl 7.6 to PalmOS.  Includes support for PalmOS
        features such as user interface elements (title bars, menus, labels,
        text fields, lists, buttons of various types, checkboxes, selector
        triggers, popup triggers, time/date selectors, tables), database
        support (creation, deletion, update, listing), system functions
        (sound, clipboard, launching apps, system event handling), etc.
        Currently at version 0.4, but the sourceforge page says that 
        "Palm Tcl is no longer being actively developed. The current releases
        support V3.x of Palm OS and not any later versions."  The last update
        seems to have been made in 04/2002.
 Updated: 02/2004
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

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