Panorama is a graphical debugger for parallel programs that was designed to be both retargetable and extensible. "Retargetable" means that it should be easy to make Panorama work with a variety of parallel computers. "Extensible" means that users and others can add new graphical views to the system without having to learn a lot of detailed information on graphics programming.

Starting from the main window users can currently see three graphical views of a parallel program's execution: a time line of events (such as sends and receives) during the execution of a parallel program;

a display of message queues for the processors;

and a map of distributed two-dimensional arrays.

The system also includes a display builder tool to help users design and implement their own new graphical views.

Panorama was developed in the High Performance Computing Lab in the CSE Department at the University of California, San Diego by John May, under the direction of Professor Francine Berman.