Path Entry Megawidget

bll 2017-9-20 This widget keeps the native directory name and the normalized directory name separate so that the native name is displayed and the normalized name is used in the -textvariable variable.

Update: Figured out how to display the Mac OS X localized names. Mac OS X has some localized files such as 'French.strings' instead of 'fr.strings' (See $HOME/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes.localized/.localized/). I put a list of some of those names in, but don't know if it is complete. It is rather inefficient, but there doesn't seem to be a programmatic way to get these localized names from a command line program. I also plan on adjusting my file/directory choosers to use the routines made available here to display the localized names.

The path is semi-normalized -- symlinks are kept intact.

 Change Log

bll 2018-10-1: 1.5: remove tailcall

bll 2018-9-6: 1.4: convert from direntry.tcl

bll 2018-7-27: 1.3: invalid entry indicator; manual entry allowed again; semi-normalize.

bll 2017-10-6: 1.2: fixed bug

bll 2017-10-4: 1.1: added a check to make sure /usr/bin/plutil exists on the mac.

bll 2017-9-21 I recommend using this widget with .widget state readonly and using a localized directory selection widget.