Paved Widgets

ABU 26-jan-2005 - Paved Widgets 1.0

ABU 13-feb-2006 - Paved Widgets 1.1 - This page contents and live-links updated.

ABU 20-feb-2012 - Paved Widgets 1.2 - This page contents and live-links updated.

Paved-widgets 1.2 is a collection of standard widgets enhanced with background-tessellation capability (tiling).

Paved widgets are:

  • Paved::toplevel
  • Paved::frame
  • Paved::button
  • Paved::label
  • Paved::canvas
  • Paved::Tree (new in 1.1)

These widgets have been inspired by the BLT package.

Paved-widgets are pure-tcl widgets requiring the (pure-tcl) snit package.

Here are some a samples:



Start page (1.1):

Download (1.2):

Paved Widgets (1.0) contains a new widget Paved::canvas replacing the (now obsolete) xCanvas widgets :

LV Are these widgets compatible with the Tile package?

ABU To be honest, I never used Tile ...

Paved Widgets are extensions of the standard Tk widgets; I mean you can use Paved::toplevel instead of toplevel without any difference.

Of course, if you want to exploit its benefits, you should add the "-tile' option; Something like this :

 set top [Paved::toplevel .topW ... options]
 $top configure -tile cheese.gif

ABU 13-feb-2006

Paved Widgets 1.1 changes

  • New Paved::Tree widget
  • You can create new paved-widgets, or adapt pre-existing widgets. See just Paved::toplevelAdaptor [L1 ] as an example ...
  • Full HTML documentation provided. Start here [L2 ]

ABU 20-feb-2012

Paved Widgets 1.2 changes

  • BUG-FIX: for paved::frame and paved::toplevel the internal image should be "lowered" or it covers the previous contents
  • Added a more permissive license
  • A new way for adapting existing widgets - Paved::_widget_daptor is now deprecated.
  • Full html documentation updated.