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This page contains links to various people-related pages. It also tells you how you can become a contributor or user of this Wiki

Scratch this one :( -- AM

Just wanted to see if anyone would help describe the tcl community. That way when someone wants to take a particular role, it is cleanly defined how to perform in that role. Also seeing some recent gripes of the tcl web site shows that strengthing the community is important.

Example roles:

core developer
if by core developer, one means a programmer who is responsible for some portion of the tcl/tk core distribution - aka a maintainer - then you need to be able to read tcl code (and in all likelihood C code) and able to make fixes, accounting for side effects and consequences. See for some details.
vanilla tcl user
nothing needed for this role; in fact, many users may already be a vanilla tcl user without knowing it
bug submitters
visit , select the Bugs link, browse the existing bug database to see if your problem has already been reported, and if not, select "Submit New", select a category for the bug, fill in details of your hardware, OS, compiler (including versions, etc.), and provide if at all possible, small coherent examples of the problem, along with expected output as well as the real output.
bug fixer
(it would be nice to have a write up on how to work with sourceforge)
See Tcl Advocacy for inspiration
extension writers
   snippet examplers: clever example writer. Like an artist needs to share his snippets.
tcl packagers
   forumn jockey: Great person to bounce ideas off of
wiki editor
Visit , read pages, find a page which has missing or incomplete information, click on the edit link, edit the text that appears in the box, click the save button.
conference organizers

I'll have to admit I wish i could give more back to tcl but sometimes the learning curve for a particular role is steep.

lexfiend - Heretics, anti-roles, or dirty little secrets, depending on your point of view:

Upset the status quo by asking upsetting or novel questions, or attempt to stimulate innovation by being an irritant (courtesy of [L1 ]). Can sometimes be a boon to the community (e.g. spotlighting sacred cows long past their sell-by date), but can also evolve into a...
Much heat, no light.
Breastplate-beating advocate in slightly tarnished armor. Sometimes mistaken as a troll by persons outside the Tcl community.
comp.lang.tcl lurker
Sit and read comp.lang.tcl and never post an informative reply or post a question unanswered after reading man pages and googling for information.
feature creeper
Clamor often for lots of nifty new features (usually found in other scripting languages) to be incorporated in the core. May get prickly when requests are deemed more appropriate as extensions.

Also see Categories of Tcl Users.

community member who makes changes to the format of wiki pages, adds missing links to existing wiki pages, refactors wiki pages, etc.

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