Photo Frames

ABU 11 Feb 2021

Based on some previous experiments on this wiki, I've tried to setup a custom style for the ttk::label widget

With just few lines of code, and a well crafted frame picture, here is a result's preview. image photoframe.preview

The key of this trick is this frame picture image

It's a .png image with transparent and semitransparent pixels for blending the shadows on any surrounding background (provided it is an uniform background).

Here is the full code

## Setup of a custom ttk::style (PhotoFrame)
## -----------------------------------------
## Warning: on MacOS this does not work if the current theme is 'Aqua'
## You should set a different theme
##    ttk::style theme use classic

# You should download and save "photoframe.png" from here [L1 ]
set photoframe image create photo -file "photoframe.png"

ttk::style element create PhotoFrameElem image \
 $photoframe -sticky nsew \
 -border {80 40 80 100} \
 -padding {25 20 27 35}

ttk::style layout PhotoFrame {
    PhotoFrameElem -sticky nsew \
    -children {Label.label -sticky nsew} \

# optional: load package Img if you want to load jpeg 
package require img::jpeg
## Create a (standard) ttk::label with an embedded picture

  # load the picture (.. use the image you want .. ) 
set myImg [image create photo -file "africanmask.png"]
ttk::label .pic -image $myImg

pack .pic -padx 100 -pady 100

image photoframe.step1

## change the style of the .pic widget

.pic configure -style PhotoFrame

image photoframe.step2

## change the window's background
set bg lightyellow
. configure -background $bg
## and adapt the .pic's background to the same color
.pic configure -background $bg

image photoframe.step3

That's all.

KPV See also Shadow Photo and Photo Gallery for similar effect.