PickPic - A simple digital image curation web app

PickPic allows a directory full of jpegs to be quickly triaged. Set up .pickpic in your home directory and run the script. Images are read from the 'source' directory. A page full of thumbnails is displayed in a browser. Clicking on an image shows that image full frame. Arrow keys can be used to move forward and back in the sorted image list. Pressing 's' saves an image to the 'target' directory. Beware pressing 'd', that deletes the image from 'source'. These key bindings can be used to save most images in source, quickly deleting junk images and moving nice images to target.

Picpic uses a patched version of the Wapp web app framework for Tcl. It's not packaged particularly well just now. Just a script.

I keep my images on Microsoft OneDrive for easy cloud backup. Most remain in 'Negatives', the catch all of 'undeveloped' images. Nice pics goto 'Pictures' for sharing with others.


    # Config for pickpic.tcl
    set source /Users/john/OneDrive/Negatives
    set target /Users/john/OneDrive/Pictures

A companion script (also in the pickpic repository) uses a patched gphoto2 to unload my digital camera into the 'Negatives' directory before I use PickPic to sort through them.


    # Config for camera-sync.tcl
    set start 8516
    set target /Users/john/OneDrive/Negatives