Piechart Disk

This handy program allows you to see where your disk space is going in an easy to read piechart. You provide the top directory to scan, and Piechart Disk scans the directory then displays an interactive directory and file list, and a piechart. Since Piechart Disk sorts the directories and files, the largest directories and files are at the top of the list. Click the interactive file and directory list green plus and red minus icons to open and close directories, changing what is displayed in the piechart.


Source: http://www.mentalelfz.com/downloads/piechart.tcl

Site (Windows): http://www.mentalelfz.com/piechart.html

(Links above are broken on 2013-09-01)

By Barney Blankenship (MentalElf)

SEH 20060614 -- Nice! Does it run on Unix? WJP 20060614 -- I just ran it succesfully under Linx. AM 20060615 -- I did not have any problems running it under Linux either. I did have a few comments and suggestions :) but it has already helped me finding some "dead wood" on my ever crowded disks (a few GB I occupied by files I had totally forgotten about)

Some features I have suggested:

  • Show the last access date for files in a particular directory
  • Sorting wrt that date

Barney Blankenship Currently I'm working on speeding it up, and at the moment I am writing profiling stuff for it, tracking time info for function calls during the scan and sort. I don't have the ActiveState dev kit, so I'm writing my own profiler stuff. After the profiling and optimizing is finished, I'll more than likely add a feature where the right mouse click on a directory or file will cause a pop-up dialog with all the detailed info I can provide on that directory or file.

Barney Blankenship Ok, profiling and optimizing is completed, run time on my system was significantly reduced, using tips from the IRC chat. Primarily, the speed-up came from using lsort in its native mode, without a "-command" specified. Please see Profiling Tcl by Overloading Proc for the info on the profiler work I did.

Barney Blankenship Released revision 1.06. This has a bug fixed found by Elliot Sowadsky (where file or directory names with "%" in them cause an error during display). The pop-up dialog with right mouse button click on a file or directory is implemented and shows more info on that item.

Barney Blankenship Released revision 1.07 which has the addition of the mouse wheel scroll.

Barney Blankenship Released revision 1.10 in which the window is now resizeable.

GS See also Tktreemap