Plus Patches

What: Tcl and Tk shared library support (aka Plus Patches) (Nijtmans)

 Description: The plus-patch files for Tcl/Tk 8.x adds varying types of
        fixes and enhancements.  At some point during development, versions
        fixed the event-handling of Tcl such that Tk could be loaded
        dynamically.  Other bug fixes and enhancements (such
        as the ones from Trf 1.0) are also present, such as the elide
        patch required for tkman, dash and Img patches for Tk,
        fileevent patches for Windows, Cygwin-B20.1 support and more.
        These work on both Unix and Visual C++ on Windows.
        These patches are compatible with the dash and img patches
        and extensions as well.
        Patches for Tclx (code and help), Tix, and tcl plugin are included
        with the plus patch distribution.
        Note that on the ftp site, tar files containing the fully patched
        versions of Tcl and Tk are available, for folks wanting to use
        Tkpvm but unable to apply the patches themselves.  These files
        also have the dash patch applied.
        The ftp site may have patches for older Tcl/Tk versions.
        Versions thru Tcl/Tk 8.2 are available.  Note that as the core team
        incorporates Jan's fixes, they will disappear from future versions
        of the patches.  Plus patch Windows users are encouraged to upgrade
        to the latest plus patch version.
        This file includes patches for itcl, itk, and iwidgets.
        Provides enhanced dynamic loading,
        ability to create stand-alone executables, additional image
        formats, includes tkcon (version 0.70), includes new channel
        Currently the plus patch works with Tcl up through 8.3.1 .
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jan Nijtmans)

What is the status of these patches - have all the bug fixes and features gone into Tcl and Tk, so that they are no longer needed? If not, then are they still being created?

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