What: Pmw

 Description: A megawidget framework for constructing high-level
        compound widgets in Python 2.3 using Tk 8.4 and Blt 2.4z.
        Contains of a set of base classes for building megawidgets and
        a library of megawidgets such as ComboBox, Dialog, ButtonBox, etc.
        Also contains a python interface to BLT 2's busy, graph and vector
        commands. The PmwContribD web site provides several Pmw based Tkinter
        widgets, including a ProgressMeter, basic TreeNavigator, and a GUI
        application framework for creating simple GUI apps quickly.
        Currently at version 1.2 .
 Updated: 08/2003
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Greg McFarlane)
        mailto:[email protected] (Doug Hellmann)

 What: Mama Mua
 Description: IMAP4 message user agent written in Python and which
        uses Tkinter and Pmw for user interface.
        Currently at version 0.6 .
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: See the web site

 What: PyKhep
 Where: mailto:
 Description: Python/Tcl/Tk/Pmw based open source software package to monitor
        and control a Khepera robot.
 Updated: 08/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Dr. Peter Stoehr)

See also BLT, Python, tkinter.

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