A short name for Joshua M. Murphy (well, actually it's short for Poison BLX, but JM and JMM were already claimed...) Need to email me? gmail account -> poisonbl

Hobbyist at best, though the lack of real syntax in tcl (and the absolute simplicity of TK, when I have X or MS Windows handy) are what drew me in long ago.

Current project: My home router - Gentoo based with:

  • grsec/pax kernel and glibc
  • dnsmasq
  • wireless-tools
  • macchanger
  • busybox
  • tinylogin
  • dropbear
  • cgi.tcl (under busybox's httpd)
  • iptables
  • inadyn
  • ntpclient
  • snmpd
  • and... all TCL scripts called by busybox's init. (thus far incomplete, entirely untested, and in need of a bit of cleanup)

Shoved into an initramfs running on a PIII 550MHz with 512MB of ram, and a 6GB drive (the smallest I had handy) for logs and settings that need to be more dynamic than packing into an initramfs allows (and, uh, to boot from, of course!)

I'll make those scripts available as soon as there's enough of them to do so... and after those comes the cgi interface to the system and, finally, whatever I come up with to play with snmp (probably abusing tcl-snmptools in the process).