Pregnancy Calculator

Because there are so many Tcl babies expected in February 2005, I thought I'd wrap up my pregnancy calculator routines in a simple GUI and give it to all of you to play with. The kit version: (8KB) Or get (930KB) for windows. Please use the kit version if you already have tclkit or activetcl on your computer.

It can calulate the expected due date from the first day of the last menstrual period or the conception date. It outputs:

  • the number of weeks you're pregnant
  • the number of weeks left
  • A guess at how long your child is from head to butt (crown rump length) for pregnancy durations between 6 and 18 weeks.
  • A guess at how long your child is from head to heel (crown heel length) for pregnancy durations between 12 and 43 weeks.
  • A guess at the weight of your child for pregnancy durations between 8 and 42 weeks. The numbers come from a bunch of articles I found using PubMed. They are somewhat accurate for average babies. Your baby is likely not very average, though. The numbers are there for fun.

It needs some visual improvements.

-- 19Oct2004 PS

phk Is there any risk assumption coming with this program? ;-)

ps birth defect risks? That could be, but I am uncertain I would make that generally available - the probabilities calculations are based on well founded research (see the Fetal Medicine Foundation [L1 ]) but like so many medical things, care should be taken that the required measurements are done with care. Maybe the basic risks based on age and previous pregnancy outcomes, but even then the risks calculated will be higher than the actual risk based on more factors for most pregnancies. That may still be useful, combined with pointers on where to get professional counceling.

phk I was just joking. Using tcl as contraception is new to me - but hey, tcl is proven to be solid, why not using it for your family planing? Can I blame you as the author of this program if my wife get unintentioally pregnant? Just a joke, you can delete this lines here...

CLN Is this program localized? When my then-wife and I took prepared child birth classes, we were amused to hear that in the US obstetricians believe that term is 40 weeks whereas in Europe it's thought to be 41. ;-)

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