Update 04Jan06 -- SEH / Frank Bergmann-- The ]project-open[ project is actively seeking beta testers from now to the end of February 2006 for the 3.1 release of their product. The installer now supports both Windows and Linux (Debian). If this product is anything like what they say it is, it could be very helpful to Tcl'ers everywhere.


Technical Info:

SEH -- 1/12/05 -- I was just lamenting the lack of Tcl-based project management and collaboration software to compete with the likes of PHP packages like Tutos and dotProject, when I stumbled on Project/Open [L1 ]. It's based on OpenACS and looks very ambitious. Blows the competition out of the water if all claims are true.

From the website:

 Module Overview

      Tracking and evaluating company results
     Project Management:
      Internet Project collaboration and management
     Customer Management:
      A "CRM-Light"
     Supplier Management:
      Freelancers etc.
     Human Resources Management:
      Staff Employees and Skills
     Knowledge Management:
      Supporting knowledge processes
     Data-Warehouse & Business Intelligence:
      Analyzing and discovering patters in your business
     Content & Community:
      Optional modules related to creating online communities and Internet transactions around your business.

Those interested in marketing Tcl to a wider audience may want to take a break from discussion of optimal OO solutions and look into how useable and extendable this product is in the real world.