Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2007

A part of Google Summer of Code.

This page serves as "Project Ideas" for Tcl/Tk Community participation as mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2007.

Tcl/Tk Community handles enhancement to Tcl/Tk code base with TIPs (Tcl Improvement Proposals - for details see ) and Tracker for Bugs/Feature requests/Patches - see ). There are also plenty ideas floating in this Tcler's Wiki ( ) so you are encouraged to browse these links to see what is currently needed.

You will probably find a mentor for any reasonably defined project inspired by browsing mentioned resources. But this particular page is for mentors to publish outlines for proposed projects. That way it would be simpler for students to discuss, choose and apply with Tcl as mentoring organization. It would be best if goal of the Google Summer of Code 2007 student project will be finally described in TIP like fashion. But lets start with just the ideas which we've got now. For further project details contact the following mentors:

Until the project descriptions are moved here you can find them at Google Code of Summer 2007 Proposals