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2007 September 27

To redler is to comment on how much better/more flexible/more open/faster/etc. the software one personally uses or implements is than the software currently under discussion. SRIV frequently redlers about the "whim" window manager. Of course, I myself never, ever redler.

-- WHD, author of Snit (which isn't Incr Tcl).

2007 August 30

"Engineering is the point where overengineering and underengineering converge." - Richard Suchenwirth

2007 July 17

"Think of all the programming languages of the world as a forest. Tcl is a clearing in the middle of the forest where the sun shines, a cool breeze blows, and you can get a breath of fresh air. You might be lost if you've not been to the clearing before, but it's real easy to find your way around. Just don't expect as many things to be laying on the ground waiting to trip you up. Oh, and you can make your own trees." Bryan Oakley on c.l.t

7 Feb 2007

"I rewrote the Perl/Tk binding, reintroducing Tcl, and it uses *less memory* and is *faster* *with Tcl* in it." - Jeff Hobbs

22 Jan 2007

"Tcl is often used by the kind of people--those in charge of factories, chemical refineries, transportation networks, ...--who expect their stuff to work for decades at a time. Tcl is all about gluing together useful parts, even when some of them come from the real world; it's not a language that just stares at its computing-fashion navel." - Cameron Laird on c.l.t


9 Jan 2007

"In short you need to stop attempting to have the program drive the user and have the user drive the program. This is true regardless of what language you write the GUI in." - Gerald W. Lester on c.l.t


20 Sep 2006

"My spirit is: if a wheel is easier reinvented than reading its documentation, don't use that wheel." - Richard Suchenwirth

29 Aug 2006

"Why, that just means it is stable -- or do you know of features it is missing. One of the reasons a lot of products/packages in languages like Java change a lot is to fix all of the bugs and add all of the missing features." - Gerald.W.Lester on c.l.t, in reply to pdietz: "It sure would be nice if the official version of tdom wasn't > 2 years old..."

25 Jul 2006

"Of course, a language's culture is often more important than all that technical crap." - Tim Bray

20 Jun 2006

"Who needs wizards in a language without magic?" - Richard Suchenwirth

14 Jun 2006

"Dynamic languages: waste microseconds ... and save days." - Cameron Laird on c.l.t.

"... [L]ess to type means less chances of typos." - Richard Suchenwirth

5 Jun 2006

"...When you find Tcl frustrating you, I urge you to condition yourself to have faith that there *must* be an easier way, and perhaps, as you have done already, ask again for others to light your way a bit." - Cameron Laird on c.l.t.

"Tcl is really just a parser and a command dispatcher -- with a number of predefined commands." - Gerald W. Lester

30 May 2006

"M$ Windows may or may not suck, but given a large enough hammer it can be pounded into submission." - David Gravereaux on c.l.t.

"[Changing a horse in m]idstream is ok in shallow waters." - Richard Suchenwirth

8 May 2006

"The Tcl-core developers did a lot of hard work, to get a sane semantic for exec even to windows." - Andreas Leitgeb

24 Apr 2006

"If each bit of code [package require]s all the packages that provide any of the commands it uses, then users will get error messages like 'can't find package foo' instead of cryptic things like reported in this thread." - Don Porter on c.l.t.

11 Apr 2006

"And finally, tcl is lisp without all those (((-:)))))'s" - Eric Taylor

22 Feb 2006

"Tclers and eggdroppers are two communities deeply divided by a common language... with very different style and expectations." - Richard Suchenwirth

6 Feb 2006

"Aqua is highly customizable -- if you happen to be an Apple employee who's working on the display system..." - Joe English

25 Jan 2006

"[In] how many other languages can you go from novice to superficial expert in 4 hours? :)" - Steve Landers

"Good FPers don't loop." - Richard Suchenwirth

31 Dec 2002

"As long as computers have power cords, I can exit the application." Derk Gwen

26 Dec 2002

"Most of the jobs on the boards are for Java Developers needed to engineer next generation solutions to enable maximization of buzzword use by marketing, and to provide the enterprise customer with best of breed technology for growing the total cost of ownership." David N. Welton

"Well, sooner or later you get an overflow - even on 64bit systems ;)" Reinhard Max

18 Dec 2002

"[E]xperience teaches us we are all less in control of our data than we think." Bryan Oakley

"[I]t is a fact about [modern, sane] fonts that the widths of their digits are the same, even though you'd imagine an '8' to be wider than a '1'." Donal K. Fellows

10 Dec 2002

"... wasn't xml supposed to save us from this?" -- anonymous office worker commeting on the weekly template change

"Having to work occasionally with Korean, Arabic, ..., I'm *so* much grateful for Tcl's Unicode support." -- Richard Suchenwirth

"What's needed is a way to make refactoring easy so that people can keep their computer model in agreement with their mental model as they learn about the problem." -- Kevin Kenny

5 Dec 2002

"There is no toolkit nor language so universally useful and easy to use as Tcl/Tk." -- Luke Kale Myers

"Tcl/Tk doesn't promise much. It just plain works." R. D. Findlay

"Isn't it great that we have so many choices in scripting languages? For those who 'get' scripting as a viable implementation mechanism, there's almost certainly a language perfectly suited to the specific combination of a programmer and a problem to solve." Bryan Oakley

29 Nov 2002

"I didn't want to create a portable application, but Tcl did without me realizing it." anonymous

"What does it say about you and your social circle when you consider an open 802.11b network an act of hospitality?" Robin L. Miller

"For parsing XML, the right answer is almost always 'Use a real XML parser.'" Joe English

19 Nov 2002

Peter da Silva said "Perl is easy to program securely because it's straightforward and self-contained" -- The camel book. Those guys, always clowning around!"

coyotes rand mair fheal said "i could probably add to the switch command in an afternoon if i wanted nice bit about tcl is if you dont like what youre given its easy enough to define what you want stick it in a package and load it where you want"

Joe English said "Hm. If Tcl learned anything about threads from Java, it must have been a lesson about how not to do them."

11 Nov 2002

"I have been thinking quite a bit about cross-platform Beowulfing recently. My initial idea was to set up an rlogin or something on the node machines, and have the Apple (that's what I call the conducting machine: "Apple" because it sends Jobs away, does nothing for a while then gets Jobs back :-)" Frodo Morris

And in reference to the above, Larry Virden replied: "As long as your application is elegant, ergonometrically superior, and technologically sexy, it will be an applicable name..."

4 Nov 2002

"Never underestimate the power of Emacs."

and swiped from Donal's .sig in that same thread: "Everyone else is envisioning a future of 32-bit deep bump-mapped lizard-skin scrollbars that adapt to the lusers mood by imperceptibly alpha-blending through a range of chromatic combinations not repeating in 3^18 years. Needs hardware acceleration, anaglyptic glasses, and 2 aspirin." -- Phil Ehrens

29 Oct 2002

"If I don't embed Tcl, I'm going to have to write a command handler for testing anyway, so I might as well use Tcl and get a *really good* command handler." -- Stephen Trier

"This either has to be a very sophisticated bug or a very obvious one. Let us hope for the latter." -- Arjen Markus

"Tcl doesn't limit you to a particular programming paradigm. You just package require the one you like." -- Kristoffer Lawson

21 Oct 2002

"It's a fundamental feature of Tcl that commands, not the interpreter, decide how to interpret their arguments." Don Porter

"As far as cross-compatability most c/c++ projects that start out on a unixy platform have always been designed to re-compile off the bat on almost anything else (excepting maybe Windows). Considering Macintosh is now Unix-powered as well, Windows is the only major player that's the odd man out." Lewis Sellers (on a coldfusion developer's mailing list)

"Tcl is the only scripting language for which I have been able to write extentions using only the manpages as a reference." Wayne

14 Oct 2002

S. C. M. said: "Newbie two cents: I am finishing ('polishing') an app I code for [...] Windows 98. Only for fun I copied it to my Linux HD partition and tried to run it. It ran correctly and perfectly at the first time I ran the script ! It was a GUI app. I did not change a single line of code to adapt it to Linux ( I even forgot to includ[e] the [!]#/bin/wish line in to the top of the script). I did not want to create a portable app. How many programming languages can make the same [claim]?" -- He apologizes for his English, but I think he makes his point quite elegantly.

Cameron Laird came up with this gem: "Some days we can solve problems even without knowing what they are. I doubt that this is such an occasion".

7 Oct 2002

"[W]hy have a computer do all this automatically when you can waste a human's time[?]"

"Relatively few people have a deep understanding of the entire language--but that's true of any language." Will Duquette

"For parsing XML, the right answer is almost always, 'Use a real XML parser.'" Joe English

1 Oct 2002

ideal for large, enterprise-class applications, as the above show. It also has a simple syntax, is highly orthogonal and therefore easy to remember without hitting a manual, making it ideal for casual coding of apps by people with not a lot of experience with coding. And lastly, it's got a lot of cool extensions making it ideal for the typical programmer trying to get a job done. Aside from the foregoing, it's not especially well suited to much." Larry Smith

"Tcl: The Convenient Language" Will Duquette

"Tcl: The glue of a new generation." "Tcl is to C as a convection oven is to an open fire." Larry Virden

"I can imagine this going from impossibility to normal practice in just a few months." Cameron Laird

22 Sep 2002

"When Personnel departments claim to require 'AS/400, Linux ... SQL Server ...', what they mean is, 'only liars or the hopelessly naive wanted.'" Cameron Laird

"That tcllib is a real treasure chest." Glenn Jackman

"If you are handling people's money via an e-commerce site, it's negligent to not have someone around capable of running it properly, or at least showing you how. It would be worth your while." David Welton

17 Sep 2002

"OTOH, tcl is so flexible that you feel constrained in other languages."

"All praise Kevin Kenny for TIP#7!" Donal K. Fellows

"Eventually, XML+XSLT will almost be as good as what IBM invented and standardized 15 years ago, but which was considered 'too complicated'. :-)" Darren New

9 Sep 2002

"Endless loops are just as endless with a faster processor." David Gravereaux

"I am still amazed that thinking 'Maybe I should add a GUI' almost takes longer than actually adding it." Peter Spjuth

"This is a fundamental feature of Tcl. Commands are commands are commands. It makes no difference whether you coded them in C or in Tcl. It makes no difference whether they're built-in or supplied as an 'extension'. Anything that operates on a command can work on all of them the same way." Donald G. Porter

2 Sep 2002

"I've been using Tcl/Tk since early on (92 or 93 from memory) but it wasn't until 2000 that I attended an annual conference. I should have gone much earlier." -- Steve Landers

"The core is probably in better health now than it has been for ages." Donal K. Fellows

"If I was the type of person to get nightmares at all easily, deployment of enterprise-class software would be the type of thing to cause *serious* insomnia-through-terror..." -- Donal K. Fellows

26 Aug 2002

"... more popular. Not better; just more popular. I prefer to pick my tools based on functionality rather than popularity, which is why I stick with Tcl." -- Bryan Oakley

"One programmer's best practice is another's dangerous revisionism." -- Bill Machrone

19 Aug 2002

"When you compare what's offered at Tcl conferences with the cost of most commercially available training (in things like javascript and java, e.g.), it's a bargain." Devin Eyre

"Coding simple functions in Tcl is approximately 10 times faster [as compared to C] for a programmer who is experienced in Tcl and C." Heinz-Detlev Koch

12 Aug 2002

"Should get the habit of *always* using 'list' to build commands." -- Helmut Giese

"For those whining about money - try funding an international airfare plus 2 weeks away from home (since I have to allow for 2 days of travel either side of the conference, plus jet-lag recovery time)." -- Steve Ball

5 Aug 2002

"Tcl-script writers are lucky, thanks to the threading extension. They can use threads as if they're communicating with some remote execution server." -- Zoran Vasiljevic

"[I]n Tcl, adding SSL support is usually about changing 'socket' to 'tls::socket' :-) Even on already opened channels this is mostly a matter of using 'tls::import' - you don't have to change anything in the software itself. This is a great thing." -- Wojciech Kocjan

29 Jul 2002

"Tcl went to a great deal of trouble to hide the evil cruft of C down in the dank, dirty basement of modern scripting, and thankfully so." -- Larry Smith

"They are all amazed when they ask me a question and I whip out a parser written in Tcl and have an answer for them within an hour or two. They are used to spending DAYS sifting through this stuff (JCL and COBOL) manually to get the answers they need. I've sold several people on the project on the value of using Tcl." -- Jeff David

"Tcl's [RE] engine is a hybrid with the best of both worlds." Jeffrey Friedl

24 Jun 2002

"I found Tcl not so easy to use for generating scripts [as] I thought in the ... beginning." Maurice Ulis

20 Jun 2002

"The advent of Stubs has made a *huge* difference for me." --Joe English

11 Jun 2002

"Wiki's are a medium for optimists :)" Jean-Claude Wippler

"[D]oing short examples with namespaces is always tricky! ;)" Donal Fellows

"We surfed and called support and got nowhere for four months. Then someone else asked the same question on the news group and we picked it up from google. His query was responded to within an hour. Really makes you appreciate what we have." Anonymous comp.lang.tcl commentator

6 Jun 2002

"That exploratory little hack taught me several new features, and at the end of it I have a 10-line Tcl program that does something very useful ... And they wonder why we love Tcl." Bob Clark

"Richard can do a lot of things that take the rest of us a little effort." Bob Techentin

29 May 2002

"Tcl is a rich multi-purpose C library with a mighty powerful configuration language." Richard Suchenwirth (with many predecessors through the years)

"Tcl is so good in introspection, that you should always have an interactive tclsh around for testing - way faster than c.l.t, and more convenient than reading the man pages, or thinking oneself ;-)" Richard Suchenwirth

"I forgot to mention that if there is one thing that I have learnt from the Tcl/Tk community it's that there is no such thing as a 'Stupid beginner'." Ro Wiijkejak

23 May 2002

"I'm glad it's fast, but it seems suspiciously too fast." Kurt Sierens, on Tk 8.4

"If I had to point at _one_ thing that impresses me most about the TCL community as a whole, it's this. It moves ideas off the newsgroup queue and to a more visible area where people can comment on them, add additional comments, etc. I like it very much." Rob Seegel

13 May 2002

"There are 23 of us. We just have a large number of aliases and like chatting with ourselves on usenet." J.M. Ivler, in response to a question about the number of Tcl users world-wide

"Yeah, the HCW docs make little sense until you've read the base RTF spec (at least the first couple of sections).

After you've read the base RTF spec, you'll see that the tags don't make any sense at all. RTF, especially WINHELP-style RTF, is the most astonishingly awful file format I have ever seen." -Joe English

9 May 2002

" ... at least I think it should speed up the failure rate." -D. G. Porter

"Data typing is an illusion. Everything is a sequence of bytes." -Todd Coram

"*That* is the nice thing about Tcl. You get hosed by special characters only in a very few places, rather than hosity being the default like in shells." -Darren New

16 Apr 2002

"Both the 8.3.4 and 8.4 head have been purified 100% through their test suites." -- Jeff Hobbs

"In fact, my main conclusion after spending ten years of my life working on the TeX project is that software is hard." Donald Knuth

"Does VFS promise to make local computing as complicated as distributed computing?" DGP

"Developers should work on becoming more comfortable using existing extensions or writing their own rather than expecting an all-in-one language." Larry Virden

"Anyway, we're a fairly eclectic community so there's always room for different approaches." Steve Landers

9 Apr 2002

During a week in which the Expert Working Group taught Tcl to signal, "I am towing a submerged object" (at variable speed!), the QOTW was: "[I]f you need more than 128 different exit codes, you've probably got the wrong architecture of software." Donal Fellows

"Give one vendor carte blanche without appointing an overseeing committee of _competent_ staff and you can expect that, at some point, they're going to cross the power and neutral wires." Rick Kennell

3 Apr 2002

"No matter what you hear, you *can't* buy this kind of service, and dedication, and willingness to help - anywhere, for any price. This is what tcl and the tcl community are all about and I'm proud to be a (very small) part of it." Jeff Godfrey

"[S]imple, but took me hours to get there." Richard Suchenwirth on one of his Wiki jewels

"I'm not afraid of anything, if everything is a string" -- Richard Suchenwirth

25 Mar 2002

"Remember, Tcl's strings are completely binary safe; it's better than C (unless you do a ridiculous amount of work) in that respect." Donal K. Fellows (with evidentiary exemplary code)

"Dude. It works." bobs5

11 Mar 2002

"The big gain that the bytecode compiler has is the use of a (C-style) array to hold local variables; it is *much* faster to do it that way [...]" Donal K. Fellows

"Just as a reminder, <http://tmml.sf.net/coredocs.html > has a TOC, index, table of keywords, and full-text search for Tcl, Tk, and tcllib." Joe English

"Newbies need examples like toddlers need milk." S.C.M.

6 Mar 2002

"If you are writing Tcl code, you are a tcler." Larry Virden

"[I]mplicit garbage collection simply does not work for certain types of resources." Kevin Kenny

"Visual Basic is to programming what colorforms is to impressionism." Larry Smith

27 Feb 2002

"I'll second that. tDOM's XPath processing is extremely competent." Pat Thoyts tdom

"No limit may be set to art, neither is there any craftsman that is fully master of his craft." attributed as "Instruction of Ptahhotep" (to his son), probably around 2200 BCE

"Sometimes there is no real good reason for Tcl-denial. It just happens." Rael

"And anyone who is suggesting GUI programming in Java should be fired." Jeff Hobbes

19 Feb 2002

"They are all strings. That's Tcl." -Pat Thoyts

"With Jeff H as our Bishop we could conquer the world ..." -Acacio Cruz "Only if I get one of those cool hats!" -Jeff Hobbs

"Thank goodness I've not corrupted the minds of my children with that _OTHER_ operating system..." -Larry Virden

"I am afraid Tcl is so simple and easy to use that there is no point in writing one book after the next." -Harald Kirsch

"I would give to be a student again. Find a couple bored friends. Have a semester long hack fest." -Jeff Hobbs

12 Feb 2002

Many vied for the title of QOTWA. From several valiant efforts, one true QOTW emerged: "No-one thinks COBOL is cool, SNOBOL's snuffed it, I'll wager Pascal's in intensive care, I've forgotten more FORTRAN than I ever learned, assembler's falling apart, LISP is feeling listless (in parentheses), Visual Basic can't see a way forward, Ada is unloved (though tight-laced), Python hasn't go a leg to stand on, PERL has been thrown before swine, Eiffel had a skinful....." -Steve Blinkhorn

"Perception can be quite a distance from reality. Thank god!" -David Gravereaux

"I was amused to see a banana as the ActiveTcl icon. Maybe a _yellow_ feather isn't the best choice." -Chris Nelson

"He alluded to his reasoning why Tcl is dead in his first message. He basically said that there was only one complaint to RedHat about the Tcl library for PostgreSQL (a problem loading the lib)...so there must have been only one person using the Tcl lib. I guess this is an example of scientific reasoning at its best ;^)" -Brett Schwarz

"I have got to admit that I am getting a little sick of people that complain and complain without actually putting any of their own time into actually fixing anything. Downloading the source gives you a license to use/distribute/modify the code, not a license to whine. Perhaps if you actually spent a couple of hours a week helping out instead of complaining about the work the other people do, it might give you a better perspective." -Mo DeJong

"If I wanted to learn how to interpret Windows core dumps, I'd not be using Tcl. ;-)" -Darren New

"For some reason people don't seem to want to report bugs to the creators. And, they for some reason think that because the software is free, they are owed free fixes on their own time schedule, rather than realizing they have the code and could make the fixes and contribute back patches themselves." -Larry Virden

"I miss DOS..." -David Gravereaux

"Is this because anything developed with the likes of Tcl/Tk hasn't gone through professional levels of pain and anguish trying to get everything to work?" -Donal K. Fellows

"There's nothing wrong with Java - well actually there is, but we won't intrude on private grief here - except that it is pretty presumptuous and demanding, and shows clear signs of fixation at the anal stage: it doesn't just throw exceptions, it throws tantrums." -Steve Blinkhorn

"You just can't beat Tcl and its newsgroup when you want answers that work ;-)." -Jean-Luc Fontaine

"Many managers know nothing about technology but they have rights to vote to use what technology. It is amazing." -Chang Li

"I will code for you." -Rennor Thomson

"This is a great newsgroup and I find it hard to believe that someone would say that Tcl/Tk is dead. I'm coming from a VBand Access background, and I already find Tcl/Tk as a great way to accomplish things with much less overhead and design time than these other tools. If all you have is a hammer (VB), then everything looks like a nail (Bill Gates). I'm glad someone steered me to Tcl." -Don

"Go thou forth and code, fer crissakes." -Phil

4 Feb 2002

"And it should be on Tristan Da Cunha, to make it equally inac- cessible to all hemicephalians. I'll present a paper in pig-latin on a pig-latin to Tcl converter written in pig-latin that converts itself to Tcl when sourced by a Tcl interpreter. Richard gave me the idea." Phil Ehrens

"How could I read the .ps file on windows?" "Install Linux?" response from Don Porter

"I'm not entirely convinced that Swing makes programming large/complex GUIs any easier. I might concede that it makes programming insane small details in *every* instance of *every* widget/component possible (in fact, hard to avoid)." Neil Madden

"Think of the TclKit binary as an advanced VM. I can't emphasise enough how great this idea is. This is the 'write once, run everywhere' promise of Java, but sooo, sooo much better!" Neil Madden

"A year or so a go I did a quick one-off cgi web app with tclkit. It's still used today internally for all of Sun's US & Canada field service dispatch & scheduling. Took a couple weekends. Folks are talking about 3-6 months to rewrite it in Java..." D. J. Hagberg

"Due to my 4 minute clock skew on my machine here David actually answered my post 2 minutes before I even asked the question ... now that is tech support for you !!!" R.D. Finlay

"Right now anybody could be a CA with a suitable tool. Can I allow Enron to be my CA?" Chang Li

"People hate what they don't understand." jooky

30 Jan 2002

"Applying computer technology is simply finding the right wrench to pound in the correct screw!" Anonymous

"Scotty is as 'commercial quality' as it gets." Ashwin Baskaran

"It appeals to me for the same reasons as perl - I can quickly get something together that works, then spend some time making it better/faster/shorter." James Quinby

"I don't have anything against Java - it's the best damn implementation of UCSD Pascal ever released..." Larry Smith

"I personally see a lot of power in mixing technologies together." David Gravereaux

"I must admit that I never understood this whole-is-more-than-sum-of-parts business. In math I learned that '+' can mean a lot of things." Harald Kirsch

"Just think of C++ and it can mean anything." Larry Smith "I vehemently DON'T think of C++." Arjen Markus

22 Jan 2002

"Donal K. Fellows" wrote: > rand mair fheal wrote: > > kids these days > > grumble grumble grumble > > when i was young i had to punch my cards by hand > > Not my fault I was born after the invention of fire... :^)

"Oh yes. I remember in the old days before fire. Things got a bit nippy in northern climates. Then one day, this fellow from Ireland - Frank I believe his name was, came along with this idea to somehow create a way to capture the warmth from that large glowing ball in the sky. He was talking about it on the Wiki chat room, Kevin Kenny and Cameron bounced the idea around, wrote a small simulation in Tcl/Tk, and passed the info along to a couple of engineers who implemented a fire starter..." Larry Virden [L1 ]

"[C]ode ... *always* lives longer than you think it will." Bryan Oakley

15 Jan 2002

"The first thing any windows user should do when they start up a windows machine for the first time is to install vnc ..." Larry Smith

"I think expect is the best "foot in the sysadmin door". Leam Hall [L2 ]

"...but IMHO you'd be quite right to avoid alpha code. Even though Tcl's alphas are typically better than most software's patch releases..." Donal Fellows [L3 ]

7 Jan 2002

"Once you get it, sockets in tcl are so simple (try any of this at the C level and it is unbelievable how hard it is to do these simple things)" Bruce Hartweg [L4 ]

"Whenever I bring up Tcl as a potential tool, there is little opinion expressed (positive or negative) until I show them what Tcl can do. Then, it's all smiles and nods." Todd Coram [L5 ]

"Tcl: Its a tool, not a celebrity." Todd Coram

1 Jan 2002

"Well, once you get past the badly written configure/make for the package TclCurl, it's so darn sweet it'll give you toothache." Phil Ehrens [L6 ]

"[W]hen you're wondering how much of a difference it really makes, try it out!" Ken Jones, noted Tcl trainer

24 Dec 2001

"There's going to be an interesting lurch in the Linux community when one of these big guys [from these multibillion-dollar companies] eventually decides they want to check something into the Linux kernel that Linus thinks is really stupid." James Gosling, *Linux Magazine*, January 2002

18 Dec 2001

"Needless to say with all of 2 weeks Tcl/Tk experience under my belt I love it and am also amazed at how few people 'on the street' seem to have heard of it. It is by far the easiest programming language I have tried to use, and the most powerful for small applications." Larry Gagnon

"In any case, I have to say, Tcl/Tk and its user community (especially the commun ity) is AMAZING and I LOVE IT ;D" unnamed chat-ter

"Tcl is simple and straightforward, thinking that way is sometimes hard." Bruce Hartweg

10 Dec 2001

"... if my family ever saw [how much free documentation and code I contribute], I would be in big trouble for spending so much time here" several Tcl developers

Every time I show someone how to set up a socket listener in Tcl and compare it with what they've learned in C, they are convinced I left something out." Roland B. Roberts

"There are rocks less solid than that." Cameron Laird, on Expect http://groups.google.com/groups?th=53aa004a1f5b66e0

4 Dec 2001

"> And, picture yourself standing in the exercise yard of a federal > prison; there are guards with machine guns all around, and big > ugly guys with bad attitudes looking at you and not liking what > they see. And post accordingly.

Nah, that's comp.lang.perl.

This group is more like a school playground where the place is filled with kids who see gems when other people only see rocks, and everyone shares in the magic of a found treasure even if it's really just something a grown-up threw away. And when they find something that truly is junk it is just thrown away with a laugh, and a race to find the next cool thing :-)" Bryan Oakley [L7 ]

26 Nov 2001

"It reduced my enthusiasm for creating my own company." Guido van Rossum on the Interwoven acquisition of Ajuba Solutions [L8 ]

20 Nov 2001

"I've only just recently started learning tcl and I'm already falling in love with it, no doubt that this incredibly informative board has had something to do with it." Jonathon Epps

"Tcl is an astonishing productivity tool, and Wippler's additions put rocket boots on something that is quite capable of stratospheric flight in its own right." Steve Blinkhorn

14 Nov 2001

"I am just learning Tcl/Tk and my first impression is 'where has this been all my life.'" Jim Melton

"'Java program' and 'easy to install' just don't go together in the same sentence without a 'NOT' somewhere in there." Joe English

5 Nov 2001

"Well they spent the millions on useless tools and years of disappointments and failed projects, but we built our little system ... and it continues [to work today]." James Garrison

"The code should serve the GUI rather than the other way around." Bryan Oakley

"Tcl is a rich multi-purpose C library with a powerful configuration language." Richard Suchenwirth