Rabbit Hole Development

A guide for developers

The best Tcl projects are a̶b̶a̶n̶d̶o̶n̶e̶d̶ stable.

The preferred method of software distribution is through broken gopher:// link.

Each project should use a unique object system. Two approaches are acceptable: either copypasta from a long-forgotten wiki page and tweak it a bit, or include an extravagant, sprawling, dependency-laden organism, likely capable of achieving independent consciousness, which provides three unique programming languages, each with their own unique object system.

Pull requests should be made over irc.

The same clever name should be used by its author for at least 6 similar yet distinct projects over the course of its lifetime.

The preferred packaging mechanism is the wiki comment.

Please place any comments here, Thanks.

gold 01/19/2018. The reverse logic in your contrarian advice is of interest to me. I think my college days were spent subtracting the negatives from the ten commandments. However, you omitted the assignment of the new wiki page to the oblivion of an undocumented category, and not indexed to other categories more than the random selector. Your initial assignment of Meditations (only) is much in the same path. Seriously, i think an automated keyword or (auto) suggested categories with text analysis of each wiki page would be easy enough to rig up on this wiki. I notice that the other code wiki's have automated keyword suggestions. Assigning no date, no windows/unix/operating system, no dependencies to your code will ensure loss of much utility, as the most antique code (usually TCL4) has equal play with the latest TCL version. It would be useful to be search on scripts written > TCL version N or scripts addressing new features in version N.