Raffle Games

Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tcl-raffle/

bll 2020-8-28 This is just for fun.

Thought I would make my raffle games available without my application infrastructure.

There are 7 games available. The 7th is called "Simple", it just puts up a single number very quickly.

The code lists the reference wiki pages that I used.

bll 2020-8-28 Addendum: If anyone has ideas for more games that use balls (they can bounce against each other, or only bounce against the sides (like Bump)), I'd love to hear about them. I've had other games which were not so great.


Jeff Smith 2020-08-30 : Below is an online demo using CloudTk. This demo runs "Raffle Games" in an Alpine Linux Docker Container. It is a 27.4MB image which is made up of Alpine Linux + tclkit + Raffle-Games.kit + libx11 + libxft + fontconfig + ttf-linux-libertine. It is run under a user account in the Container. The Container is restrictive with permissions for "Other" removed for "execute" and "read" for certain directories.