Rainer Keuchel

Author of Tcl/Tk port to the WinCE operating system [L1 ].

Email: mailto:[email protected]

Check out his main software page [L2 ] for more information on various tools for WinCE.

Sources for these ports are available at http://www.wince-devel.org/src/dirlist.html .

Report bugs or question to the wince-devel mailing list @ mailto:[email protected]

[email protected]

Does The Win CE Tcl/tk support the expect extention ? MPJ ~ Nope.

[email protected]

Is there a port of the specific processor's binary package for the x86-processor family? MPJ ~ None listed on his site.

Where can I get this? MPJ ~ You can download the sources (Tcl [L3 ] and Tk [L4 ]) for his current build. Then compile it with the flags for x86. Or you can post a note to the wince-devel mailing list requesting a binary for this platform.

VK ~ Problems with building tcl/tk on WinCE could be discussed on mailing list [email protected] which is specifically designed for this purposes. It is now not very active SF project however.