Rappture is a toolkit supporting Rapid application infrastructure, making it quick and easy to develop powerful scientific applications. At its core, Rappture is a C++ toolkit, but it has additional language bindings that let it be used in C, Fortran, MATLAB, Octave, Perl, Python, and Tcl applications.


SEH 20120226 -- I was poking around in the Rappture code repository, and found a very interesting (evidently stand-alone) application in a sub-directory, written in itcl: a p2p job management package. From the README :

 The files in this directory form the basis for a peer-to-peer
 job management infrastructure.  The basic idea is that a client
 connects to a network of workers, asks for bids on a series of
 jobs it wants to execute, and then farms the jobs out to the
 workers and collects the results.  In addition to the client
 and the workers, there are "authority" servers that act like
 superpeers, helping clients/workers find each other and manage
 the transfer of points for completed jobs.

And within this package is what looks like a simple but complete single-file implementation of a finite state machine :

 This object comes in handy when building the state machines that
 drive the behavior of clients and servers in the peer-to-peer system.
 Each state machine has a number of recognized states and trasitions
 between the states that kick off actions within the system.

I believe these might come in quite handy for a number of Tclers, myself included. Written by Michael McLennan.