ReLaTe Integrated Interface - Remote Language Teaching

The integrated interface, which brings together the audio, video and shared workspace tools, has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Particular emphasis has been given to reducing screen clutter and to minimising the number of things that need to be done to use the different parts of the software. There is minimal need to manipulate, move or uncover windows, and all necessary tools and controls are readily to hand. Although basic keyboard and mouse skills are required, little else is needed for students and teachers to use the software.

Currently, up to eight people can take part in a conference. As the screen-shot shows,each participant uses a workstation with camera and headset (headphones and microphones). Video images are displayed of all participants (including oneself), and any image may be enlarged to the upper window. Being able to see all members of the conference simultaneously gives a more relaxed atmosphere than other systems, which show only the current speaker.

The system incorporates both a shared whiteboard (wbd, by Julian Highfield) and a shared text editor (nte, by UCL). The user can switch between them at any point during the session. With these tools, text and graphics can be entered, either via the keyboard and mouse or by importing a file. Everyone can draw or write simultaneously and see all other contributions; colour allows easy identification of the contributions.

Binary components are highly portable, precompiled packages available for Windows and Unix.

Individual tools usable as separate applications

Available at: [L1 ]

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