Redistribute images with tcl package

Hi, I have a piece of my code I want redistribute like tcl package, also there is 2 png images needed for this code. How can I access them from my code? Thank you.

arjen - 2011-10-03 07:34:23

Depending on the way you distribute your Tcl package (as source, as Tcl module or as starkit) you have several options. I will assume you have a Tcl source file and two PNG files in the same directory. Then put code like the following in the source file _outside of any procedure_:

# Get the images 
set dir    [file dirname [info script]]
set image1 [image create photo -file "$dir/image1.png"]
set image2 [image create photo -file "$dir/image2.png"]

(When the file is being sourced, the command [info script] returns the full name - from that you can compute the name of other files in the same directory)

ZB Most probably there's a need to have single file - one can use images in encoded form. Use the tool mmencode (AKA mimencode), then insert in your script the code the way like this:

set imgQuestion [image create photo -data {

Siqsuruq - 2011-10-03 18:30:17

Thank you for answers, that's exactly what I need.