Revisiting TOOT with a store

jima 2012-09-06

I remember myself getting lost on TOOT from time to time. Lately I have also come to realise I wanted somewhat "unify" the interface to different data structures in tcl (variable, list, dictionary) under some kind of "store" (an array).

Here is the crossover (thanks to schelte and aspect from tcler's chat who got me in the tracks of info frame). I won't try to explain in words what I've just did, I think the code reflects it quite well already.

By the way, I did not extensively test how this idea merges with variable names that are under some namespace. This is to be considered just a sketch.

 proc store {store_str mode operation key args} {
  set name [lindex [string range [dict get [info frame -1] cmd] 4 end] 0]
  array set store $store_str
  switch $mode {
   var {
    set result [{*}$operation store($key) {*}$args]
   val {
    set result [{*}$operation $store($key) {*}$args]
   inval {
    set result [set store($key) [
     {*}$operation $store($key)[unset store($key)] {*}$args
   default {
    error {bad mode} $mode
  uplevel 1 "set $name {store {[array get store]}}"
  set result

 proc test_store_toot {} {
  set a [list store {}]

  puts "let's set wea 'slot' of object a with result: [{*}$a var set wea 45]"
  puts "a is now $a"

  puts "let's lappend a's wea with result: [{*}$a var lappend wea 56]"
  puts "a is now $a"

  puts "let's lreplace a's wea 0 index with result: [{*}$a inval lreplace wea 0 0 99]"
  puts "a is now $a"

  puts "let's put a dict inside a with result: [{*}$a var {dict set} foo bar zz]"
  puts "a is now $a"

  puts "let's get key bar from foo dict inside a with result: [{*}$a val {dict get} foo bar])"
  puts "a is now $a"