Ricardo Jorge

Use Tcl as embedded scripting language for Telecommunication Management and SLA control using SNMP (Scotty).

Maintains a site with Tcl/Tk and Telecommunications information (part of the site is in portuguese, part is in english). LES Interesting. And where is it?

Email: ricardoj at ricardo-jorge.eti.br

Thank you LES to remind me about the site. You can find it at http://www.ricardo-jorge.eti.br

I am also starting a Wiki ( it is in portuguese ) and it is also based on this one. You can access the Tcl Portuguese Wiki at http://www.ricardo-jorge.eti.br/wiki

Also take a look at LinkedIn [L1 ]

See Tcl Web Companion at SourceForge [L2 ] A set of tools to ease Web development using Tcl.