Robert Abitbol

Net Kook News: see our favourite net.kook retell the stirring story of his historic mission to turn the internet into a card index here: [L1 ]

There you'll find such gems as: people who call him stupid are over-estimating the enemy

unperson has started a 'School of Internet Communities Management' here [L2 ]

It is well worth reading the accompanying warning: [L3 ]

-- CMcC (dealing with unperson so you don't have to.)

etdxc May 13, 2007. I think whoever started this page with the category 'unperson' is not nice and is not doing the community any good at all. What's the point? What does this page achieve?

CMcC this page attempts to achieve a limitation of the kind of vandalism shown by the first couple of dozen entries in detritus. If you need any more information regarding the nature of unperson's depredations, I suggest you read [L4 ] and [L5 ] for some background.

If, having read those, you still wish to protest that my actions were unwarranted, unfair, unreasonable, or unproductive, I will be happy to discuss them with you.

EKB I guess I'm with etdxc here. I see the point of banning unperson, although it's too bad to have to take that step, but I was confused by this page, and I still am.

Zarutian: is that kook (see the jargonfile) Robert still at large? --- RS: I think we have spent more than enough time with that unpleasant and unproductive issue. How about going back on topic, which is Tcl/Tk?

CMcC it is my considered opinion that this wiki bears the scars of waves of conflictual interaction with said individual, and that this pages is one visible scar which serves to remind us of the damage caused, and hopefully warns us to be vigilant against its recurrence.

AMG: Hopefully few scars remain... let's clean up whatever's left

etdxc May 14,2007. This is absolutely the last thing I ever write on this subject (and I wish I didn't feel I needed to write it). My posting above is not aimed at defending Mr. unperson in any way, nor do I wish to have anything to do with him, and I do not support any of his actions. However, I think that calling someone an 'unperson' is very unpleasant no matter how upset individuals are with them. Additionally, as Mr unperson reads this page, its existance supplies him with fuel. Finally, a word for Mr. unperson, please do not email me again, my posting above is nothing to do with you, it is to do with naming anyone an 'unperson'. I agree with most of the opinions I have read on this wiki about your actions.

CMcC I agree that it's unpleasant, I merely disagree that it's not doing the community any good at all. The unpleasant action is intended to limit the vandalism. In my considered opinion, it is efficacious. I am prepared to be unpleasant in a good cause.

Robert, whatever his positive qualities as a person (and he does have them) is the Wiki equivalent of a bunny boiler [L6 ].

We are not looking for enemies. If Abibol is interested enough in Tcl/Tk, then he is in. Why judge people? Why make enemies?

Then again, I believe Abibol is not too interested in Tcl/Tk anymore and it's too bad because he was a very dynamic person with his own opinions. He tried to help. Since McCormack and others didn't seem to appreciate his efforts he simply moved on to another space on internet or elsewhere and I don't blame him for that.

Why wastetime with people who don't appreciate you when thousand of others will...

Calling him an unperson is totally silly. I disagree with a lot of persons. Do I call them Unpersons because I disagree with them?

In any case, there are fewer and fewer participants to this wiki. A lot of people have moved on to other places. Can't blame them.

JMN - Misspelling your own name is fooling no one Robert. I'd like to add my vote in favour of the 'unperson' concept - simply because attempting to deal with Robert on a human level failed - and it's more pragmatic to treat his effects on this wiki as a class of technical problem akin to spam. We have a known source of destructive data that can't be reasoned with - just like some spam, Identify & purge.

CMcC Identify and purge. Yes. Unperson should be unable to access this system from his new hidey hole.

CheerLuck I have been investigating unperson's internet history, and would like some more information. There is a considerable amont of information in French on the him. Alas, the two links provided on this page ([L7 ] and [L8 ]) lead nowhere. Is this information still available?