Robert Hicks

Also known as RLH


set email [string map {at @ x . ext com} rlhicksatwehicksxext]


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To do list

  • Learn one or more of the following: Tcl Snit TclOO
  • Encourage the Tcl Core Team because they do a great job!
  • Contribute to the Tcl community (somehow)

Books I need to get

Books I want to get eventually

Books I have

Things I like

  • I love the Tcl community
  • I like that Tcl is different from other dynamic languages syntax wise


Metakit : I always liked playing around with it. I like the views aspect of it. What would it take to get it back in the game? What would I do?

  • Remove the Python bits as I would want it more Tcl specific.
  • Make it 64 bit (I believe it is 32 bit now)
  • Test the heck out of it with Tcl