SCIENCE Maybe not big: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University

A Basic Nuclear Physics research laboratory at Michigan State University.

The NSCL is the top facility in the world for doing experiments with unstable nucleii.

The NSCL is strong Tcl user in the following areas:

  • Data Acquisition and analysis. The NSCL data acquisition system is a GPL project hosted at The NSCL data analysis software (NSCLSpecTcl) is a GPL project hosted at
  • Accelerator Physics. The group that does accelerator modelling uses Tcl to steer and visualize the output of their accelerator simulations. These simulations are not only used in the design of new and proposed systems, but to setup existing systems.
  • Controls. A user interface group has been recently established to work closely with the operations group to build them a better set of operational interfaces to the accelerator control system. These interfaces will be Tcl/Snidget controllers for the NSCL EPICS based control system.

RFox from the NSCL has served on the program committee of the Tcl2005, Tcl2006, and Tcl2007 conferences, serving as program chair for Tcl2006. He is a Tcl technology advocate for 'small to medium' laboratories, having placed both packaged and open versions of nscldaq and NSCLSpecTcl in about 20 commercial, government, and educational laboratories across the U.S.