SMS - Short Message Service [is that right?] Probably -Zarutian

Does anyone have code to send text messages from a Tcl program to a cell phone?

Zarutian 26. may 2005: I wrote a little proc to send a SMS message to a cell phone sometime ago but I cant find it now. It was realy simple. It used an form on a cell phone provider's website. Mind you it could only send SMS message to Icelandic cell phones. Maybe I will figure it out again, during the weekend or after the weekend ;-)

A/AK 26-may-2005: gsm contains code for sending SMS message with a cell phone that must be connected to PC.

CellMessenger [L1 ] is a program for sending and receiving SMS, written in TCL. It's shareware, but its licence permits free code reuse.

These tools don't use any country- or operator-specific web forms, they work with a mobile phone via COM (RS-232), USB, or IrDA connection.

Zarutian 27. may 2005: But if you dont have an mobile phone handyly connected to your computer, a script that uses operator or country spefic web form(s) is better than nothing, yes?

A procedure, say called, send_SMS could switch on the country code of the phone number and then, if applieable, on operator/area prefix to find the correct webform to use.

Zarutian 29. september:

  # these procedures havent been tested yet
  proc GSM_sendSMS {phonenumber text} {
    # the number must have international country code prefix
    package require http
    if {[string range $phonenumber 0 4] == "+354"} {
     switch -exact [GSM_which_Icelandic_provider?] {
       "OgVodafone" {
        # send the text message 
        set token [http::geturl "" -query \
          [http::formatQuery "_ctl1:_oContentSection:_ctl4:txtTelno" [string range $phonenumber 4 end] \
                             "_ctl1:_oContentSection:_ctl4:txtSMS"   [string range 0 96 $text]]]
        if {[http::ncode $token] != "200"} { error "couldnt send the message through free form on" }
        http::cleanup $token
       default {
        set token [http::geturl "" -query \
          [http::formatQuery "txtSimanumer" [string range $phonenumber 4 end] \
                             "txtSkilabod"  [string range $text 0 100]]]
        if {[http::ncode $token] != "200"} { error "couldnt sent the message through free form on" }
        http::cleanup $token
  proc GSM_which_Icelandic_provider? {phonenumber} {
    package require tax
    if {[string range $phonenumber 0 4] == "+354"} {
      # find out if number is at OgVodafone or Landsíma Íslands
      set token [http::geturl "" -query \
        [http::formatQuery "_ctl1:_oContentSection:_ctl1:txtMSISDN" [string range $phonenumber 4 end]]]
      if {[http::ncode $token] != "200"} { error "couldnt check wich company the number is at" }
      # todo: parse the result and set the variable company to "OgVodafone" or "Landsíminn" or "other"
      http::cleanup $token
      return $company
    } else {
      error "phonenumber doesnt start with +354 and therefore is probably not an Icelandic number"