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The Same Game

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The Same Game is an addictive yet simple, single-player, board game. The goal of the game is to remove groups of pieces from the board, and earn points based on the size of the group.

I have written unique versions of the Same Game for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and other operating systems. My versions have many features not found in other Same Games. The Same Game is available for download as copyrighted Freeware. I am very pleased with these games, and I hope you will like them as well.

The Same Game is so popular that similar versions of the game are included in most Linux distributions.

This version is all-new open-source code written in the cross-platform TCL language. Working features in this version include:

  • Five levels of difficulty, from three up to seven different pieces
  • Individual high score tables for each difficulty level, including Player name, Score, number of Moves, and Date
  • Detachable menus for easier access
  • Customizable game board colors, and color sets can be saved as Themes
  • Does not support the use of pictures for game pieces - but this is planned for a future version
  • Zoom feature to size the game board to fill the screen
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for all common menus items
  • Count window shows number of each piece remaining
  • Unlimited undos, and undos are retained in saved games
  • Save Game / Load Game capability
  • Requires TCL and TK versions 8.0 or newer to be installed
  • The Same Game source code for TCL and TK is included
  • Totally free, with no ads, nagware, or crippleware


Download from

gold Busted link referring to zip file Not sure how to handle this busted link, other than referring to internet archive? Refer to Collapse for alternate relief.

RHS Interesting. I have a similar game I call "Cubes" that I wrote a few years back, in Tcl. I'll have to see if I can find a link to it somewhere on the web (not sure where my local copy is).

MG Also quite similar to Collapse, I think.