Schelte Bron

Known in the Tcl Chatroom as schelte.

Tcl/Tk related projects I'm involved in:

My biggest project using Tcl/Tk so far is the complete reverse engineering and rewrite of the visual basic software for the HomeVision [L1 ] home automation controller. In addition to running on multiple platforms, I've added some features that the original software was lacking.

I get great support from the President of Custom Solutions, Inc. However he doesn't like me to release the source code, so I had to use procomp to obfuscate the code. The project does provide plain Tcl plugins and allows users to write their own plugins. As a result I have already introduced two other homevision users into the wonderful world of Tcl. Hopefully more will follow.

The project can be found at

My homepage at contains some other, related Tcl projects.

I have also used Tcl/Tk to create a GUI for an open source hardware project for monitoring and interacting with a central heating system. Information about the GUI can be found at

Other Tcl related subjects I have dabbled with: