Sentry is a proprietary commercial offering with both SaaS and self-hosted features.

The idea is to send software exceptions to Sentry, or tracing for performance purpose.

Licensing. Since 2019, Sentry hasn't been open source anymore: they switched to a license putting contributions open source 36 months later, and free to use excepted if you build a commercial monitoring service. The code is still publicly available in both cases. If you need a pure open source solution, Wikimedia switched to GlitchTip , an open source fork, compatible with the SDKs.

Build a stracktrace. The tricky part is to build a stracktrace, List the call stack, trace can help to start this. Then, you need to prepare a JSON payload with relevant metadata and send it. The information from info level MUST be scrubbed: for example, if you use it with an API call, you'll leak authentication credentials to the logs.

DcK I'm working on a Sentry TCL SDK, with focus on exceptions.