SilverCreek uses Tcl/Tk in its product. Checkout [L1 ] for details. The following is from the SilverCreek web page.

 What is SilverCreek?

 SilverCreek is a software product designed to test implementations of
 the Simple Network Management Protocol and
 standard and private MIBs (Management Information Bases). SilverCreek
 uses small, single function tests to exercise one or a small number of
 parameters. The syntactic tests verify protocol compliance, error and
 exception handling, and boundary condition behavior. The semantic
 tests verify performance, trap, alert, and event handling, counter
 accuracy, security, and many other implementation specific areas.

 The tests make use of an SNMP engine written in C++. The testing interface is written in the interpretive Tcl/Tk
 language, so that you can modify or extend the tests for your own purposes. The test suites included with
 SilverCreek and its extensions comprise more than 1000 individual tests.