Simple Metakit viewer using Gnocl

WJG (23/08/13) Wanted a simple, no frills (or thrills) viewer for Metakit data files. This was pretty easy to do using the gnocl::list widget.

# metakit-viewer.tcl
# !/bin/sh
# the next line restarts using tclsh \
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl
package require Mk4tcl

# simple loader and viewer
proc mk:viewer {dbname} {

        set nb [gnocl::notebook -homogeneous 1]

        set i 0

        mk::file open db $dbname

        foreach v [mk::file views db] {
                set lv [gnocl::list -titles [mk::view layout db.$v] -ruleHint 1]

                $nb addPage $lv $v
                mk::loop i db.$v {
                        set item [mk::get $i]
                        for {set j 1} {$j < [llength $item] } {incr j 2} {
                                lappend str [lindex $item $j]
                        $lv add $str -singleRow 1
                        unset str

        return $nb

gnocl::window -child [mk:viewer $::argv] -setSize 0.2 -title "mk:viewer - $::argv" -onDelete {exit}

To install, simply open a shell terminal in the directory containing the script and run:

chmod +x *.tcl
cp metakit-viewer.tcl -f $HOME/bin/