Simple implementation of Real Number

Suggested by Numerical Analysis in Tcl; how to implement numerical statements such as a=b*c. I have removed my own prodding code which has satisfactorily produced some good responses to show implementations that already exist such as Gadgets.

slebetman Notwithstanding the fact that a real number in mathematics means something completely different (see Computers and real numbers) I've implemented this concept a bit more intuitively (and if you consider lines of code, also more simply). Unlike the implementation (removed by original author), my variables exist as both variables and commands. Personally I would call it a C-like syntax for numbers:

GWM yes real numbers in maths are different but as this is a numerical analysis related item, real means whatever a compiled computer program uses as a real (especially the C language) - as used in numerical analysis. I agree that C-like syntax is a more appropriate term. I like this implementation by slebetman as it is simple, and allows local variables and recursion.

slebetman Since we're in agreement, I've moved my implementation to C-like syntax for numbers.