SourceForge - aka SF - is an ambitious attempt to provide open source projects with freely available source code , bug, and request management facilities, mailing list support, compile farm access, software distribution, and more.

The effort has over 324,000 projects at this time (2013-08-31).

Free to OpenSource developers, and development collaborators, SourceForge provides:

  • Apache/PHP web support with CGIs
  • SSH based shell access
  • FreeBSD and multi-version Linux compile resources
  • Web, wiki, tickers, feedback/discussions
  • Git, Mercurial and (frozen) CVS repositories with SSH-based update, public access and web browsing
  • High speed FTP and HTTP download sites

APN 2013-08-31 The list below is hopelessly out of date. Your are better off going to SourceForge Tcl directory

GWL 2013-09-01 Please note that the main repository of the Tcl/Tk project (as well as those marked with an asterisk "*") is on as Fossil[L1 ] repositories.

But rather than advertising SourceForge here, go browse the projects, or start your own, and announce it below:

  • [L50 ] [L51 ] Yozilla browser
  • [L52 ] [L53 ] LinuDent ''Dental Front Office Application'
  • [L54 ] [L55 ] IICMD Tcl Extension for Ingres DBMS


There is also a small code snippets library there:

Please note that not everyone is perfectly content with sourceforge:

You may not agree with them, but they mention some reasonable points.

DKF: IMHO, SF sucks. But it is really nice that they are providing/handling all the sysadmin/hardware side of things, so I guess it doesn't suck too much.

Tcl Foundry

Where in all of SF does one find the tclconfig module that so many TEA based extensions needs?

AK: It is not a module, but a subdirectory in the module 'sampleextension' in the project 'tcl'.

Get to a bug report, knowing only its number (219137 in this example):