ABU 31-dec-2021 (ver 1.0 released)

ABU 4-jan-2022 - Thanks to everybody for their suggestions. (minor) Bug-fixing is in progress; please append your comments in the Discussion section below

ABU 30-mar-2022 (ver 1.1 released) - with Undo/Redo

Everything started with a little experiment, trying to draw splines (Catmull-Rom Centripetal Splines), but then ... why not a full editor ?

Well, this is not a full professional editor, it's just the 1.0 milestone but I think it has enough features for creating interesting vectorial drawings.

Here you can download the full source ( it's 100% pure Tcl )

  • SplineEditor-1.1 [L1 ]
  • SplineEditor-1.0 [L2 ]

image SplineEditor-intro

image Snoopy-editing

Jeff Smith 2022-03-31 : Below is an online demo using CloudTk. This demo runs "SplineEditor" in a Alpine Linux Docker Container. It is a 28.4MB image which is made up of Alpine Linux + tclkit + SplineEditor.kit + libx11 + libxft + fontconfig + ttf-linux-libertine. It is run under a user account in the Container. The Container is restrictive with permissions for "Other" removed for "execute" and "read" for certain directories.

Fullscreen via the noVNC control bar at the side of the window.

Please Note : This demo has a run time of 5 minutes.

4-jan-2022 - Minor bugfixing in progress about the user-interaction

30-mar-2022 - Code cleaning and 90% refactored. Added Undo/Redo

image woodstock

ABU 5-apr-2022 Now, after introducing the undo/redo feature, SplineEditor is ready to grow .. Next planned features are:

  • breaking / joining splines (under testing)
  • groups (..hard, but it will be a big plus)
  • stroke-thickness is currently fixed (it doesn't change when a spline is scaled or zoomed) .. it should be dynamically resized
  • APE handle SVG format -- ABU: You can export your drawings as SVG. Importing SVG is not planned, nor feasible , since this Editor works with Splines, not with SVG primitives (Bezier curves).
  • ... put your suggestions here...