The Sound File Splitter

SplitIt is a graphical Tcl/Tk application that enables you quickly to split sound files into segments, which are stored in labeled files. It is very useful for segmenting sentences into words or other pieces. It can handle numerous sound file formats, including WAVs and MP3s, and can operate on any files large enough to fit into your computer's memory. Its friend MergeIt is a simple command-line tool for concatenating segments. NormIt is used to normalize the power level (volume) in sound files. FadeIt applies a linear fade in to the start or fade out to the end of a sound file to reduce abrupt discontinuities. PlayIt is a simple sound file player.

In order to use these tools, you must install Tcl/Tk, including the Snack package.

Available at: [L1 ]

http://tedlab.mit.edu/~dr/SplitIt/splitit.jpg (Image link broken Sept 19, 2011)