Starkit Meet Zip

starkit meet zip file

This is just another wow feature. There are gems just waiting to be picked up in starkits, and here is one that I found while reading "./lib/vfs/zipvfs.tcl" You can do that by inspecting your new starkit.

Now I don't know what this feature is for exactly, but I do know how it can be used:

  package require zipvfs
  set f [vfs::zip::Mount]

MHo 2020-11-25: should it be

package require vfs::zip


Now you can go into the directory (that is all emulated via tclvfs beautifully) and you can do all the regular things on files.

[ Vince adds this feature is there so that a starkit can access all currently supported vfs types, these include ftp, http, webdav and zip --- if you do run into problems with these (bugs definitely remain) please do diagnose and provide patches to fix them --- it's all pure Tcl code]

Wow your friends by unzipping without a zip program:

  file copy unzip

My computer grinds for a bit then lookee lookee, I've uncompressed the zip file to an unzip/ dir.

Then unmount the file with:

  vfs::zip::Unmount $f

And for the terminally curious:

  # Used to execute a zip archive.  This is rather like a jar file
  # but simpler.  We simply mount it and then source a toplevel
  # file called 'main.tcl'.
  proc vfs::zip::Execute {zipfile} {

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