pcam 2011-03-17 - This URL is ERROR 404: Not Found. Shame wanted to have a look, as I need a tcl+tdom for a quick test.

Kroc - There is a copy of this page grabbed in 2008 there:

RZ Try the platform specific executable *kbsvq8.5-bi* from

Built into sdx?

"The point of using starsync is that it transfers only what's needed, and that it uses Metakit transactions, so the change to <app> is 100% safe regardless of errors, even across power failures. The rest of the process need only concern itself with making sure <tmp> and <bat> get cleaned up, which is *far* less crucial, even if not 100% perfect. Maybe <bat> could even be omitted, by having the new <app> delete <tmp> after everything else is done."

02apr04 jcw - The above may be a bit out of context, but yes: starsync is a package in SDX that can be used for both the client side and the server. See [L1 ] for details.