Steve Blinkhorn

[email protected]

Among other things, Steve is Development Leader (?) at COMPANY: Career plc.

OK, I'll come clean. I'm Chairman of COMPANY: Psychometric Research & Development Ltd., a small specialist consultancy (mostly around 6 people) working in various areas of applied psychology. I'm called Chairman because I have more, and more technically advanced, chairs than anyone else in the company. CareerDemon is a part-owned Internet-delivered careers guidance service, based on starkit technology. For more information about what we do look at - a slowly evolving site. I also write a fair amount for Nature, usually on topics in psychology, but sometimes on more abstract matters (some reprints are on the web site). We also do call-centre simulators for training and development, which are based on Tcl/Tk but not (yet) on starkits, disaster simulators for corporate crisis management training, which now have a Tk interface on top of our own MIStRAL authoring language, and a nifty line in natural language generation called SCIROCCO - yes it really is an acronym: Source Code Integrator for Report Origination with C-Compilable Objects. This generates natural language from grammars, given data (which may be random). We have a now very old demonstrator of this that writes short romantic nonsense in the general style of Mills & Boon novels.