Super Code

July 22, 2003 Rohan Pall (my birthday!)

Here is an example of Super Code, a dns caching proc on windows. It executes an external binary to do the lookups. Get resolver.exe from BrowseX. It also uses bgexec from blt.

  proc a>   {a args} {eval [list interp alias {} $a {}] $args}
  a>   a<   interp alias {}
  a>   a?   interp aliases
  a>   l    list
  a>   ^    uplevel
  a>   g>   uplevel #0
  a>   p    puts
  a>   pr   parray
  a>   s    set
  a>   s-   unset
  a>   s(   array set
  a>   kz   array names
  a>   li   lindex
  a>   la   lappend
  a>   pk   proc
  a>   >>   eval
  a>   ()   catch
  a>   ?    s errorInfo
  a>   -*-  return
  a>   r    return
  a>   i    info
  a>   iv   i vars
  a>   il   i level
  a>   i-   il 0
  a>   exe  i nameofexe
  a>   sc   i script
  a>   ,    after
  a>   f    foreach
  a>   fi   file
  a>   dn   file dirname
  a>   fj   file join
  a>   re   regexp
  a>   mp   string map
  a>   ma   string match
  a>   c:   clock
  a>   c:s  c: seconds
  a>   c:c  c: clicks
  a>   t    trace
  a>   t.   t variable
  a>   t-   t vdelete
  a>   se   string equal
  a>   =    expr
  pk   ev   {t b} {g> $b ; , $t [i-]}
  pk   g>>  args {s b >> ; f el $args {la b $el} ; g> $b}


  s dir [dn [exe]]
  s e(resolver) [fj $dir resolver.exe]
  s( h {}
  a> ph pr h ; a> pe pr e ; a> pi iv ::_qip_*

  pk qip {h t b} {
  if {![() {li $::h($h) 1} ip]} {g>> $b $ip ; -*-}
  s a ::_qip_ ; s z _[c:s]_[c:c] ; f el {vs vo} {s $el $a$el$z}
  t. $vo w [l qip.t $h $b] ; , ${t}000 [l s $vo ""]
  blt::bgexec $vs -output $vo $::e(resolver) $h & ; -*-}

  pk qip.t {h b n1 _n2 _op} {
  t- $n1 w [l qip.t $h $b] ; s ip [s $n1]
  if {[se "" $ip] || [se "" $ip]} {g>> $b error ; -*-}
  s ::h($h) [l [c:s] $ip] ; g>> $b $ip}

  #pk x {a b c} {p [^ iv] ; p $a ; p $b ; p $c ; p --}
  #qip fr 1 {x 1 2}

  pk qip- {} {s life 180 ; s c [c:s] ; f el [kz ::h] {
  s x [li $::h($el) 0] ; s e [= $c-$x]
  if {$e > $life} {s- ::h($el)} }}

  ev 5000 qip-

  pk qip-- {} {s n [c:s] ; f vs [iv ::_qip_vs_*] {
  if {[re {vs_(\d+)} $vs -> c]
  && ([s e [= $n-$c]] > 60)
  && [ma EXITED* [s $vs]]} {
    s vo [mp {vs vo} $vs] ; () {s- $vs $vo} }}}

  ev 5000 qip--

rmax - Wow, a good example of code obfuscation!

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