What: Supernotepad

 Description: Simple text and html editor written in Tcl/Tk.
        Can import existing files; maintains potentially long list of
        recently opened or inserted files, searchable by all or part
        of title. General editing features include unlimited undo/redo;
        Supercut, Supercopy, Superpaste (selection, retention, and
        insertion of multiple text blocks); single-click insertion
        of special characters and hexadecimal color codes.
        HTML editing features include conversion of plain text to
        simple html; minimal-effort insertion of html tags; easy
        creation of lists and tables. Search and replace can be done
        forwards or backwards, case sensitive or insensitive,
        exact or regexp, single or multiple (using "string map").
        Can auto-indent and test-run Tcl code.
        Uses MULE license (Maximum Use License for Everyone), intended
        as happy medium between extremes of (1) GNU GPL and (2) BSD-type
        Based on Tk NotePad 0.5.0 by Joseph Acosta and textedit.tcl by
        Eric Foster-Johnson.
        Currently at version 2006ez.
 Updated: 4/2005
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (David McClamrock)

LV Note that when you use supernotepad to write Tcl/Tk code, you have to be aware of what your platform and configuration is doing with an application's stdout and stderr. For instance, on a Windows machine, you are most likely going to need to add a console command . On a Unix-like machine, if you start supernotepad from a terminal window, then stdout and stderr is going to go there. If, however, you launch it from a button or desktop launcher, then you have to find out where the stdout and stderr in that case goes. Many times, it will either be thrown away or directed to a log file some place. Alas, on these platforms, Tk out of the box does not recognize the console command. However, look on the console wiki page, where discussions exist regarding implementing a console on non-Windows platforms.

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