Purpose: describe how the Tk-based supertext extension is useful.

I think this is the "Supertext" that Kitten is talking about...

What: text widget with undo
Description: Supertext widget with builtin undo.
Updated: 06/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Bryan Oakley)

The text widget as of 8.4a5 has an undo/redo mechanism builtin. See and for the documentation. See for the TIP that implemented it.

For whatever it's worth, the undo/redo mechanism built in to the 8.4 text widget has a different behavior than supertext's. Better? Worse? Hard to say. Supertext attempted to model emacs' undo behavior and is closer to "unlimited" than the text widget's. The text widget more closely matches the way most Windows text editors (notepad, Word, etc) work.