sybtcl is a tcl SQL interface to Sybase


current version
releate time
2000-12-31 (?)
D. J. Hagberg
Tom Poindexter

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Ilya Presman's geesql Sybase browser
(this software is lost in the mists of history)
What: sgitcl
Where: From SGI
Description: sgitcl comes standard with SGI's version Irix 6.2 and higher operating system. It includes Tcl, Tk, tclX, tkX, and Tm - a Tcl Motif toolkit as well as other frequently requested extensions. The latest report was that it was based on Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0/Tcl Motif 1.4/Expect 5.17/incr Tcl 1.5 . Oratcl, Sybtcl, GLXaux as well as some custom sgitcl extensions (tclObjSrv, rstat, sautil, SNMP, wwwHelp, as well as support for various SGI specific widgets and the Xbae Matrix widget) are also provided.
Updated: 04/1997
Contact: Unknown


Requires the Sybase Open Client (DB-Library) package. It contains Windows DLL support for Tcl 7.6 and Tcl 8.0, a CT-Lib compatibility layer, accepts Tcl variables for bindings. Also works with the Sybase ASE for Linux. Version 2.5 was the last version to support Tcl 7.6. Version 3.0 includes Windows and Mac pre-compiled support, but only supports Tcl 8.x.

TclX is recommended.

LV: The above code is more 5 years old! Has there truly been no change in Sybase over these years, and no bugs in the sybtcl code? Actually, I know developers who've had bugs, as well as questions, but they were unable to locate assistance. They eventually rewrote the program to not use Tcl any longer.