arezey 16th of March 2009: t2i is the name of three separate IRC clients; the first t2i, the one "released" on sourceforge.net, the second t2i, a SVN-only accessible, failed t2i and a third one, an under-development t2i which would become 1.0. In this page, "t2i" refers to the third t2i, the one under development. All t2i's are my, arezey's, product.

t2i stands for Tcl Tk IRC (tti => t**2*i => t2i) and is meant to be a modernish IRC client for the Tcl community to compensate for example the ancient tkirc.

Features t2i currently supports multi-networking, mIRC color codes and network presets, and has gui:s for banlist. More is to appear into it as it's under-development.

Getting t2i t2i is available from SVN, as are it's two precessors. see http://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=svn&group_id=215880 .