TIP #305: ANSI Escape Sequence Support for Windows's Console Channel Driver

Does someone know if this ever will be done?

DKF: It was withdrawn at the author's request when he worked out just how much work it was to bring it up to the point of being useful. (The Windows console is totally different to a Unix terminal.) In short, if it's going to be done then it's going to be done as a platform-specific extension, and do we really need to package it with Tcl itself at this stage?

APN: TWAPI provides commands [L1 ] to manipulate the console (cursor movement, colors etc.) albeit not in the form of ANSI sequences.

MHo I don't know why MS dropped Support for ANSI sequences. And TWAPI is a little overweight for creating a small text mode script with a few menus or so, and not cross platform. Curses Tk is totally outdated. Perhaps Consio could be a solution.