TIP 510: Add Rbc to Tk

This page is for discussion of Tip 510

RZ Work on this tip has stopped due to lack of interest and no sponsor from TCT.

The Tip name has changed to "Add Rbc and Tkpath widgets to Tk". Please look at the tip page for the current content.

See also Rbc and Tkpath here on the wiki.

This page is a placeholder for comments on the tip.

rz - 2019-04-12 13:12:31

  • Widgets are now oo::classes.
  • Options can dynamically added/delete at C and script level
  • Additional widgets: tko::frame, tko::labelframe, tko::toplevel as classes with functionality of original tk commands.

rz - 2019-05-09 11:26:15

* Additional configure optionhide ?-option ..? and configure optionshow ?-option.. ? commands added

  • bug fixes for readonly options and configure optionadd command at object level